Today we had the last classes and screening before the Easter break.

During the seminar we have been talking about the controlling idea in film.

Controlling idea contains value and a cause. We’ve been talking about the difference between value and a cause and we’ve been giving different examples of those.

Value is the message of the film, e.g. “crime doesn’t pay”, “true love always wins”.

During the screening we have been watching “Chungking Express”, directed by Wong Kar Wai.

I have heard a lot about this movie and I wanted to watch this a long time ago, so I am really happy that I have finally had a chance to do this.

The visual side of the movie and the music were really amazing. The style is really impressive. And I definitely need to get the soundtrack. The unusual love story happens in the big, crowded Hong Kong in 90’s. I really enjoyed this screening and I am looking forward to watch other Wong Kar Wai productions!

After the screening we could find out more about Hong Kong cinema and about previous Wong Kar Wai movies.

Wong Kar Wai:

Other productions, e.g.: “In the Mood For Love” (2000), “2046” (2004)

– influenced by the French New Wave

– themes: time, history, identity

– he explores relationship between past and the present

We could hear about Bruce Lee or John Woo.

There are also many popular american directors, who are inspired by the Hong Kong cinema. The moust obvious example is Quetntin Tarantino and e.g. his “Reservoir Dogs”