Today we had a second tutorial with Eddie. After that I have met with Zay to film our campaign.

During tutorial we found out that our idea is not that bad. We worked hard on our paperwork and the idea. Now it is really simple, bu effective (I hope). We want to ask random students what would they do with extra 325 pounds. Our key aim is to invite the audience to visit the website

Here, they can find out what to do to save a lot of money on their energy bills.

I was happy that Eddie liked our idea. Of course we were supposed to work again on our key aim and key message. We just think too much and want to put too many info at once. But all in all I was really delighted after the meeting. We knew what to do and what to improve.

After the tutorial we have spent a few hours discussing our idea. As I have mentioned before, we wanted to use the students for our campaign so we had to film it today, because tomorrow is the beginning of an Easter break.

Our aim was to get a few interesting answers for the question: “What would you do with extra 325 pounds?”. We asked students of Middlesex University, both men and women, from different countries. We chose different locations, we have been also filming outside. Zay was filming and I did the sounds. At the beginning we had a few problems with the sound (the wind was really strong too), but after a while it was better. After a few hours we have decided that we have enough answers for our campaign.

Now Zay is going to edit this. I am coming back to Poland for two weeks, because I work there during Festival of Independent Cinema Off Plus Camera in Krakow. I am really looking forward to this.